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Destiny by Jo

With love and passion we make our lace wigs from 100% human hair. With a custom wig it's not only possible to choose the color, length and style of your wig, from start to finish we also take into account your measurements and the shape of your own hairline. Unique and just for you.

What does a wig cost?


Free Trial







Hair colour





Personal intake

Delivery time (after intake)

Kind of wig

Limited Customized

from € 497

your choice

your choice

your choice

Made to your head size

Natural hairline

If necessary

3 to 5 weeks

Full Lace

Completely Customized

from € 547

your choice

your choice

your choice

Made to your head size

Your hairline


3 to 5 weeks

Full Lace

The table above is an indication, everything is negotiable.

How do we proceed?

  1. Depending on the chosen wig, an intake will be planned. Jo measures your head, discusses the colors and immediately makes a headmold if necessary.
  2. When we reach an agreement, we ask for a payment (50%). We'll immediately start working for you. If there is a queue, we'll notify you in advance.
  3. It will take about 3-5 weeks before your wig is ready. We'll then give you an alert and send the wig to your address. You can also drop by to pick it up. On delivery, the second 50% has to be paid.

Does anything need to be adjusted? Together we'll work it out.

Click here to make an appointment right away!

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